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Piece of cake...

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My dual headlight kit finally arrived from Spareshack. Problems with the mail...)

I really hate electrical stuff, but the conversion took less than two hours and it worked perfectly, first shot. ;D

Actually, the conversion gave me an opportunity to clean up the rat's nest of wiring that is stuffed over, under and behind the stock headlight. Amazing what a little electrical tape and a few cable ties will do.
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you DID put the nylon spacers in there didn't you? (to raise the console up a bit to prevent speedo cable breakage)?
I didn't use the spacers, I don't see why I would need them in there.

I just didn't see what difference they would make, or how the dual headlights even interfered with the speedo cable.

I have an '02 620, though, i think the spacers are meant to be used with older models that had different dash designs

That and you dont have a speedo cable Ds, yours is an electronic speedo.
that solves some issues then - will have to get some electronic speedo parts.
mmmmm, electronic speedo thingys.
Actually, cleaning-up the wiring was the most time-consuming part of the conversion...

I took advantage of the opportunity to relocate a few connectors and to reroute a few wires. I ended up with four small bundles, each wrapped in electrical tape. The two smallest bundles are behind the sides of the pods and the two largest bundles run slightly below the pods. From a distance of, say ten feet, you'd be hard pressed to see them.

I don't own a digital camera, but my girlfriend does, so I'll get her to take a picture... [smiley=wink.gif]
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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