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Pics and review of my Swanky Wheels

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Well I got my BST CF wheels on my S4R, see below for links to the pics.
As for a review, first the good news: The wheels really look the dogs bollocks and more importantly they really enhanced the bikes performance, especially in turning and tracking. It now takes noticebly less steering input to initiate a turn, almost steering by thought....this was evident right off the bat. The bike seems a bit faster on acceleration as well.
The bad news (not so bad actually)--the rear whell did not fit exactly and required the rear brake caliper to be ground a bit to clear the spokes--I was very hesitant to have this done, but decided to go for it and I'm glad I did.
Here is a pic of the side of the bike:

close up of the rear wheel:

close up of the brake caliper:

Thanks to Martin from Motowheels for his help along the way !
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Performance much? S4R and an EVO too? I HATE YOU

Ok now thats out. Those wheels are great. Definetely on my wish list. They look really nice on your bike too. I'm sure you'll enjoy the cleaning duties alot more too:). Enjoy! One day maybe I'll catch up to your performance-ness.

You can buy skyline's from importers though, about 70000 i think.

Now we are getting off topic, back to feesible things like BST carbon fiber wheels
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