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Pics and review of my Swanky Wheels

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Well I got my BST CF wheels on my S4R, see below for links to the pics.
As for a review, first the good news: The wheels really look the dogs bollocks and more importantly they really enhanced the bikes performance, especially in turning and tracking. It now takes noticebly less steering input to initiate a turn, almost steering by thought....this was evident right off the bat. The bike seems a bit faster on acceleration as well.
The bad news (not so bad actually)--the rear whell did not fit exactly and required the rear brake caliper to be ground a bit to clear the spokes--I was very hesitant to have this done, but decided to go for it and I'm glad I did.
Here is a pic of the side of the bike:

close up of the rear wheel:

close up of the brake caliper:

Thanks to Martin from Motowheels for his help along the way !
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U suck!

and so does ur digicam! ;D
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