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Hello all,

Been casually thinking about buying a Monster for the last several months. During all of my searching I was thinking a 2000 Monster S 900 (in Red) would be my target bike. Then I found a 1999 Monster in really nice shape at a good price ... about ready to go take a look at it (located ~2hrs from me) when a new add comes out for ... a red 2000 Monster S, the guy lives only about 4 miles from me and with only 2800 miles on the bike! So I will be taking a look at that on Monday. This could be the one.

I had a 900 SS/CR in the past and can't exactly remember why I got rid of it ... I've missed it since the day I sold it!

So I may join the ranks of Monster owners in a few days if all goes well. :)

So just saying hi ...

I do have some questions that from searches I see there is no real answers (like carbs vs. fuel injection ... which for me I do find it easier to hook up a Powercommander and load maps vs. pulling off carbs a few times to get jetting right)

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