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We braved the 35 degree weather and sandy roads to pick up my wife's 2004 620 today. The dealership had it all ready to go. We stopped over our friends house for a couple minutes to show it off. [smiley=cool.gif]

It was kinda cold to ride. Never saw another bike all day. Not even the hardcore Harley guys.

I rode it about 20 miles home. Breaking it in is going to take some patience. You can't exceed 5,500 RPM's for the first 600 miles.

The dealership gave us a thick envelope full of Ducati stuff. There was the 140 page accessory & performance catalog, the Monster carbon fiber catalog, the Monster touring luggage catalog, the ST4 Navigation System catalog, the clothing catalog and the clothing catalog for when you are servicing your bike (coveralls & stuff). Ducati seems like a pusher, trying to get all the new owners hooked on expensive mods. I can see how easy it is for people to go crazy with it.

No mods planned yet. We're looking to take it out over the next fews days and get the wife acclimated to riding again. Riding home I thought it was the perfect bike: light, easy to handle and balance and plenty of pep. No regrets.

Sorry, no pics of the wife: she's camera shy.
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