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Pic of me having fun...

It was taken during the 1st session whilst I was struggling big time to come to grips with the bike at the Island for the first time... I was constantly in the wrong gear and missing apexes by miles...

That is why look like a startled deer in the hunters spot-light...

I was quite uncomfortable initially and suffered big time with a fogged up visor!!! But I settled down and my last session of the day was just great, I felt very relaxed, lapped smoothly, was not passed by anyone, but did lotsa passing and was surprised to see the checkered flag ending the session, as I had pulled in before the end of every other session through fatigue/frustration... I need to get bike fit...

I used to do 1.57s on my RGV, flat 1.59s on my (highly modified) ZRX and my best timed lap on the Duc yesterday was a 2.09. That was in my 3rd session when I was just starting to get comfortable. In the 2nd session my best was 2.12... I reckon by the end of the day I would have been in the vicinity of 2.06 or a little faster...

My next outing is on the 14th and now that I have all my gear changes and braking points down pat (in the last session I was just laping and not even thinking about gears and brakes) I will just work on corner lines/apexes and getting off the bike for more corner speed.

Oh yeah the bike was just great... I had plans of suspension tuning and was worried about the Pilot Sports, but the bike just went were it was pointed and never complained. I was getting 235kph (no head shake at all..) indicated over the start/finish line as I grabbed 6th and only hit the rev limiter once, when I tried to hold 4th to long after exiting turn 12. In my last session I was getting the front wheel off the ground in 3rd gear on the exit of Siberia up the hill towards turn 7.

Seriously looking forward to the 14th and the next track day!!!!



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