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Penske shock SOLD!

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Penske 2 way series rear shock for '94-'01 monsters
550 lb/in spring ~175-190lb rider. Different springs can be ordered for your weight.

Used for only about two weeks. It was an impulse buy at my local dealer when the Ohlins shock I ordered
on-line looked like it wasn't going to show up. The Ohlins did show up and I don't need two shocks.

Spanner wrench included. I don't have the rubber standoffs for the reservoir.


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Re: Penske shock for '94-'01 M600/750/900

did you sell this shock?
Re: Penske shock for '94-'01 M600/750/900

Nope, not yet.
Got this today. Looks great! Can't wait to install it.
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