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parting out 03 stock monster 800Sie

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I have an 03 stock monster 800Sie that I'm parting out. The engine is great, with 11,000 miles and only a few scratches on the wet clutch cover. Everything behind the forks is great. Only a couple of scratches on the frame and the weld on the steering stop (frame) is a little cracked. I'm a welder and can fix that before selling it. Otherwise, the frame is perfectly straight.

There are black cored stock pipes that are a little scratched on the right side. Front forks, handlebars, headlight, brake rotor, and front end are bad. Stock triple tree looks good and the tire seems straight, though the axel is not. And of course, the tank is dented to heck. Almost everything else is great.

Email me at [email protected]
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pm and email sent about swingarm
is the headlight avilable?

i need the headlight, "u-bracket" and mounting "ears"

or any of the parts not dammaged.

please pm or respond here.

I'm interested in some parts. I PM'd you earlier today (Ted Mortenson). Please let me know asap as I have to make decisions this weekend.

Hi, Might you have a reach adjustable clutch or brake lever in good shape? I would take both or, just one. I think the levers for an M800 will fit a M695, yes? Thanks.

Do you have the clutch lever microswitch?

PM me a price?

Thanks in advance.
How about the airbox lid (with snokels) and the stock filter (if they fit a 2000 M900)

I'm looking for the rear brake switch on the right rearset bracket.............thanks ,Harry
email about pipes.
he hasn't logged on since the the 26th...........
MichMonsterS4 said:
he hasn't logged on since the the 26th...........
He says to email him not PM him. Try that.

Do you have a seat cowl? If so dibs, and pics please. Email sent.
has anyone dealt with this guy? is he following up on selling his stuff?
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