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Parking in Downtown Boston

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Did I miss the memo that says we park paralell to the curb now, instead of backing up perpendicular to it? It seems to me that whoever is on the inside is just begging to get blocked in. It seems like the switch over on Pearl St. happened about the same time the traffic flow direction on High street changed at the beginning of October.

Does anyone know if there was a reason for changing, or did one person just do it one day and everyone followed the leader? Personally, I liked the way we did it before better.

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Are you talking about bikes or cars?

Bikes. For some reason all the bikes are now parking paralell to the curb two deep, instead of backing up to the curb.
never seen it that way. but again, I try not to ride/drive downtown.

I'll rather walk or T it. a lot less stress in the end.

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