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Hey Brent, just wanted to make sure you got home ok, I left a personal message for you. Just give me a shout back we need to make plans for next years track days Arun said there should be 10.

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Hey Denny (right? told you I'm bad with names :-/ )

Yeah I made it home and only got a little wet. You?

I'm playing catch-up with work and just now getting to check on what's important!

What a great experience on the track! There are thumbnails of all the photos that guy took, here's the link: http://www.onsightproductions.net/
They are small but pretty cool.

I am definitely doing this again; there are so many things to work on. Like holding a freakin' line!

For those of you who get the chance you have got to try a day at the track! There were so many Ducs and Aprilias it was amazing!

There were a couple offs but no real injuries. I trimmed the grass but stayed up and only slightly wet myself.

Anybody got a track bike they want to sell?
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