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In typical MotoWheels fashion we run what we sell. I purchased a set of forged aluminum OZ Wheels and hit the track immediately. Here are some pics of the wheels mounted and the track day

tires cooking and ready to go

inbetween turn 10 & 11 leaned over

putting a pass in and making it stick in turn 2

The machining and build quality of OZ wheels is in a class of its own. The wheels fit great, feature captive spacers, and have a flawless anodized finish. The wheel weight difference was extremely noticeable and is felt considerably in quick transition areas. Because of the lightness of the wheels the bike was very controllable even mid turn as shown in the picture above it was precise and very easy to point the bike where I wanted without losing a drive on the exit of the turns.

Stock 848 cast Marchesini/Brembo wheel weights: 9.46lbs. front / 9.68lbs. rear
848 OZ Forged wheel weights: 7.26lbs. front / 8.36lbs. rear
Over 3.5lbs of rotational weight savings!

If you have any questions about pricing, availability, fitment, wheel weight comparisons, or current tire and wheel packages feel free to email me [email protected]
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