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T-Drive Motorcycle Brake Rotor from Brembo

Click here to find the Brembo T-Drive Brake Rotors for your motorcycle A product of experience acquired in SBK and MotoGP, the brand new T-Drive is the next generation of product reflecting the natural evolution of Brembo brake discs engineered for competition use. The key feature of the new T-drive system is an innovative method of transferring brake torque from disc to wheel, in which the conventional system of cylindrical bobbins are replaced by a set of eight "T pins" on the disc and eight corresponding segments formed in the disc carrier. The special shape of the pins was developed following a targeted study of machining tolerances and ensures braking torque can be transmitted more efficiently, by offering increased resistance to thermal and mechanical stresses, especially under extreme operations such as those encountered in competition.
Brembo T-Drive Rotor Features:

The connection between disc and carrier is assured by a special guillotine type interface (patent pending), which allows both radial and axial float, as well as reducing the overall weight of the disc. This brings considerable advantages in terms of enhanced rideability, when compared with the conventional disc-carrier interface using round bobbins ("buttons"). Other significant improvements achieved with the T-drive design are a steadier level of efficiency and a more effective bedding-in of disc and pads, thanks to the use of a braking surface - made of steel identical to that of SBK and MotoGP discs - that features a new layout of the mixed diameter ventilation holes. The width of the braking surface has also been optimized: more exactly, the band has been made narrower while maintaining a thickness of 5.5 mm, thereby minimizing weight and inertia, and making the bike that much more comfortable to handle. The carrier is anodized charcoal black, as on the latest generation of Racing discs. An attractive feature in its own right is the logo, imprinted on the carrier and painted in the familiar Brembo red, another clear indicator of the product's racing image.
T-Drive discs are available for the most popular Japanese supersport bikes now on the market, and packaged as kits in the classic Brembo retail format, complete with instructions and stickers.
Large Images of Brembo T Drive Rotors:

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