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Brembo GP 4R Brake Calipers: the GP 4RR & the GP 4RX

Click here to find the Brembo GP 4RX Brake Calipers for your motorcycle These new Brembo calipers represent another step forward in the evolution of Brembo calipers: their innovative quality lie in the use of topology optimization* deriving from the experience acquired by Brembo in the competition sector. With the aid of this pioneering software, it has been possible to optimize the geometry of the caliper body, revolutionizing the accepted notions of competition caliper styling and raising the engineering and performance level of the product still higher.
Machined entirely from billet stock using the latest CAD-CAM technologies, these GP4 RR and GP4 RX callipers are much lighter than comparable components now on the market, and features a mass/stiffness ratio second to none in its class. The caliper body is designed with a central bridge structure, which also has the effect of increasing its overall stiffness.
Brembo's experience at the top of world motorsport championships is reflected directly in the nickel-plated body, which not only creates a highly attractive look but has also allowed the designers to make machining tolerances even finer, achieving added benefits in terms of performance and operating precision.
Brembo GP 4RR Monobloc Caliper

The monobloc GP 4RR caliper utilizes four pistons of 32/36mm diameter and promises to become the new benchmark in the competition world; as it is, it has already been race proven from some of the most important teams of the new Moto2 Championship. More details will be available as the GP 4RR caliper comes into production.
Brembo GP 4RX Billet Caliper

The new GP 4RX, directly derived from GP 4RR, caliper is directly interchangeable on the forks of the most popular Japanese supersport bikes and will mount with OEM rotors, as well as with Brembo HP Rotors (as used by New World Supersport Champion - Cal Crutchlow) and the brand new Brembo T-Drive Rotors. The sliding action of the brake pads is enabled by special guides machined directly in the body of the caliper, and accordingly, the GP 4RX has no guide pins. Particular care has gone into the design of the hydraulics, which utilize four pistons of 32 mm diameter to ensure that the renowned attributes of power and operational flexibility associated with every Brembo caliper are suitably maximized. Supplied as a kit, the caliper comes with sintered pads ? technologically - the top option on today?s market, also with full instructions, Brembo stickers and special thermo tapes as used on competition machines to monitor the operating temperature of calipers, as befits the unmistakable racing profile of the product.
*Topology optimization software, used for simulation purposes, allows the designer to construct a mathematical model describing the stiffness of a component, starting from a given reference geometry. Simulating the operation of a component, through iterative procedures, the software automatically identifies the material not required and proceeds to eliminate it. The result is a new geometry that exploits the material to the full, and optimizes the performance, stiffness and weight of the component.
Large Images of Brembo GP4RX Caliper

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