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Many months ago I purchased an open air box kit from FBF to try to squeeze out a little extra power from my S4R. The kit came with a BMC air filter and I noticed that the bike was much louder and felt a little torquier, but didn't really accelerate any better than the stock set-up. After a while, I decided that there weren't any real performance gains with my current set-up because I don't have a PCIII and I'm running FBF slip-ons with the stock mid-pipe and ball-sack. The bike ran rougher, got much worse gas mileage (30 mpg, down from 40mpg), and was obnoxiously loud. I left the BMC filter in, but replaced the original air box cover yesterday and couldn't be happier. The bike runs smoother and just seems happier. I think you need to have a full exhaust system to complement all of the extra air you're pulling in with the open air box to really see any true gains.

The Cycle Cat frame sliders are totally awesome! I started the project late in the afternoon (5pm) and didn't have a lot of light to work with. I'm using that as my excuse for installing the frame sliders in the wrong engine mount holes. I fixed the problem today and the Cycle Cat frame sliders look fantastic on my bike. They provide good protection without looking retarded. Hope I never have to use them. When installing, I highly recommend using a 2K floor jack. It makes the job super easy when taking weight off of the engine mounting bolt. The whole job takes 15 minutes if you have all of the tools for the job (1 x floor jack, 2 x socket wrenches, 2 x 19mm sockets, 1 x 16mm socket, 1 x 14mm socket, 1 x 8mm hex wrench, 1 x hammer).

One more plug: I purchased a single-swing arm PitBull rear lift from White Buffalo Racing. It was very reasonably priced, and it is one of the nicest pieces of equipment I own. You can use it for Triumph, BMW, Ducati, Aprilia and the Honda VFR 800. The right tools always make life easier.

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