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OK, just paid for a new 695 Monster from the dealer

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and can choose any color (red, Black, or Matte Black). Which one should I get and why? They have ordered all three and I get to choose. Yippie!
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My vote: Gloss black

The paint on these is really nice. Not the usuall orange peel effect you get on lesser products. Same with the Red/black, but since everyone loves those so much, the black might be a little different.

Maybe start a poll?
Definately Gloss Black!
Matte Black is what I go for.

But I really think this comes down to personal preference.
It is your bike, get the one that sings to you most.
It's a win/win

It's not like you can make the wrong choice.

If you are an attention whore like me, go for the red/black - definitely the most striking :eek:
I went for the gloss black and red. Very niiiiicccceeee. Just liked the way it looked compared to the red or matt. Just go see them in person and go with what you like best. Congrats [thumbsup]
The Dark is not as durable as the two gloss bikes. Other than that, well, it's your bike, just choose a color.
I say the Dark, the other ones are too shiny and prissy to be "Naked Streetfighters"...

Of course, I'm biased, since that is why I bought the Dark version.

I get so many complements that it actually embarasses me...
once you go dark...you stay dark.
the matte finish is very stealth.
I almost bought the red/blk, but changed my mind at the last minute....no regrets.

like someone said earlier, you can't go wrong with any of them, they fun bikes.
enjoy. [thumbsup]
All look great, but I gotta represent and say red is the fastest colour.
superjohn said:
All look great, but I gotta represent and say red is the fastest colour.
I think you may be outvoted on that one.
I've seen at least a dozen posts that say BLACK is faster. [laugh]
Congrats noz and don't forget (pics please).
I'm confused! Ducati makes non-red bikes?!?


Get RED!
red frame. The bodywork doesn't matter as long as the frame is red.
He gets the red frame with the gloss black tank.
He gets the red frame with the red tank too.
Statler said:
He gets the red frame with the red tank too.
Right, just seemed that people were thinking you only get the red frame with the red tank. You cant get a black frame with the gloss black tank either unless you go for the 'dark' model.
The Darks look mean, especially with all the other black components on the 695.
It's a NEW bike for you and the Ducati line-up..

go with the new color combo if you want to stand out!!

black with red frame
I am a fan of the Dark
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