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Okay, so I tried the whole "Teach a man to fish..." approach to learning how to change my oil. I figured, since I know NOTHING about motorcycles, this is the LEAST I could do for my Monster 800 (my first motorcycle).

A friend who owns a SuperSport showed me how to change the oil. Told me to buy 20W-50 GTX oil, about four quarts. He drained my oil and then replaced it with about three and a half quarts.

Was great except the next day, I got stuck in traffic for about an hour and a half (in the Seattle rain). The next morning after that, I got ready to ride, but when I started it, the Oil Warning Light came on. Noticed there was too much oil (via sight glass). Asked said friend and was told to drain a bit (using my newfound talent :p).

Rode it work thinking the light would soon go off. Didn't. So, checked the oil again and thought it to be low (it was also a little milky). Added more. Ran it for a bit, but still the light is on.

Okay, so here's the question... What do I do?

I will bring it to Ducati to service it if I can't figure it out myself. Was told it might be that oil got into the sensor. If it's not and I drop $200 for a simple fix, I'll feel really dumb (of course, that's only slightly more than I feel now).

Anyone want to help (step by step) a rather clueless newbie who fell for a Ducati Monster and now feels too big for his britches? Thanks a million for any clues... Worse comes to worse, I won't change the oil again. ARGH!

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Was great except the next day, I got stuck in traffic for about an hour and a half (in the Seattle rain).
There is your answer. I got water in the sensor( the little yellow connector above your sight glass). Un-clip it and see if there is condensation in the plug, there probably is. The light should go out also when you unplug the sensor. You can dry the sensor out with a hair dryer or q-tip's or whatever and the light should go out.

I had the same thing happen to my '03 620 from washing it too much(yes I know....lame, but it don't rain in LA). Took it to the dealership and the tech said that if the light came on for real, that I had about 20 seconds until the engine seized. :eek:

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You sound exactly like me 2 weeks ago. Not to fear my friend. I got stuck in a rain storm and the same thing happened on my 900.

1. The oil Pressure Sensors are not the best thing that Italy has to offer. If the bikes is cold, and you and your start it, the oil level in the sight glass should go down. If it does go down, it is your sensor. A new one is about $30. There is a higher quality sensor that you can now purhase. My dealer reaffirmed this and it is VERY common. The Water could have been the cause (in my case) or there is water in the sensor which is condicting electricity and making the light come on. Remove and dry the sensor very well and see if that does it before you buy a new unit.

2. Use the sight glass to be sure you have the right oil level.

3. The milkiness in you oil is not milk...it is cream. Kidding. It is normal condensate that goes away when warm.

Relax, have a beer, and enjoy.

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