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Have been having some strange things happening with my DP Tach. I cannot notice any pattern in its activity. It goes up sometimes and then stays down sometimes never when I expect it too. Then recently I have noticed my oil pressure light coming on when I first start out my ride. It doesn't stay on for long but it is really troublesome. I have noticed that when I tap the glass of the tach it moves. The engine sounds fine. I have noticed a little white smoke that smells like burning plastic coming out of the little plug that is on the exhaust pipe on the underside of the bike. This may be a totally separate issue.

I live in Atlanta so the temp does get hot but this happens at all times of the day. The bike is an 99 M900.

Does anyone have any clue what this is? Any experience with it? Could this be the voltage regulator? Maybe just a loose wire somewhere?


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1. the three brass screws on the back of your tach may be loose or you may have a bad connection.

2. first check your oil level, oil warm, bike verticle, allow time for oil to return. if good, then check pressure with a mechanical gauge.

3. ???
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