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I'm not sure how that sounds, or if it's even right. I've noticed a hose which looks like what I would assume is an overflow hose, as it's cut at a diagonal... and not connected to anything on that end. It's always been tucked into the frame. The other day I noticed a few drops of oil on the clutch plate and it was coming from that hose. Last I had checked, the oil level was fine. The oil light comes on when it starts like normal, but stayed on for a few minutes during the last ride after turning it on.

I have no idea what the hose connects to etc. etc.. As vague as it is, any help would be appreciated, and I can post pics tonight if it would help anyone identify the location. Anyway, I'm not sure if this is something I should be concerned about.

well, nevermind... this has been solved. looks like i filled the tank a little much during the last ride on a super hot day and it overflowed a bit. lesson learned.
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