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Oil cooler bypass spring question (help!!)

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I'm installing an oil cooler on my M695. I have the bypass spring but I'm not sure which way it goes. Can someone help? I have removed the oil filter threaded bolt. The spring seems to look like a little hand with a "finger" curving around. But, what does this 'finger' cover up? The single hole? The recessed well, piece? Help!!
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Here is the parts diagram.


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The diagram suggests a direction for the bypass. But, I'm not certain which holes are bypassed.
If you look in the filter cavity you will see a small raised boss. This is where the flat of the bypass spring goes, this keeps the spring from rotating when the filter boss is tightened. When installed correctly, the other hole will be covered.
Thank you very much. I suspected this but I didn't want to starve the engine of oil or anything. That would be a real mess. Thanks!! ;D
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