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oil consumption

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I am trying to figure out if I should be concerned about my oil consumption. I have an '02 M620 with 2000 miles on it. OIl was changed at 600 mile service, however I have lost about a quart in 1400 miles. I have been told to watch the base gasket for a leak- there is some oil on the motor, but not a significant amount. The only real "leak" I see is from the filler cap. Kinda doubt that I would lose a quart though that though...
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how so? If anyone has some input for changing the poll, PLEASE let me know. I want everyone to get the best info out of this as is possible ;D
I am sure there are 100 other posts on the topic of running rich/lean. Can you tell by the smell of the exhaust, or is there some other way?
to me it looks white, because I typically notice it at night. Its not all the time, just when I start it up or go hard on the throttle. I know it would be light blue if it was due to oil, but like I said, it is kinda hard to tell. :-/
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