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odometer meltdown - unbelievable!

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not sure if I posted previously about the trip meter and odometer on my 2000 m900 stuffing up, but here's what happened.

The trip meter started to jam and then the odometer did the same till both became locked solid. 95,000 kms - I though it was just old age.

I ordered a replacemebt speedo, $509 (shyte!), and fitted it.

Goddamuthafreckinsonofacamel did the same thing!

Then the proverbial penny dropped. The backing lights in the speedo had carked it and I had replaced them prior to the first speed dying. The bulbs are normally 2w, but the Ducati dealer I went to only had 5w bulbs - he said "not a problem - will be brighter, thats all". I agreed. Expensive little freckers - $5 each.

The 5w bulbs generated so much heat that they melted the cogs on the trip meter and odometer!!! The bulbs are positioned right next to each of them.

This is one case where too much power is simply too much power.
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ododmeter be still !
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