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Oberon Performance ---can't seem to reach them via email. Anyone able?

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They advertise [email protected] as their email address. I've sent over a half-dozen emails with no replies. I even placed an order, but they sent out an email requiring a response before processing the order. Well, no charge on my credit card yet which means they didn't get my email to process.

Just checking to see if there was maybe someone here who worked at Oberon or knows something I don't know. Do they take 2 weeks off for Christmas over there or something?
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I sent them an email back in July of this year. I got a response in mid-November.

Either they're really backed up with orders, or responding to emails is not one of their main priorities. Or both.
Pick up da phone... I fall into the trap of only e-mailing, but sometimes you need to try to contact them old school.
When I ordered from them , they were really slow on emails (if ever). Fantastic on phone calls though. The woman I spoke to several times was very friendly, and very helpful.
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