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I've run mine with and without the O2 sensor with no trouble. Runs fine with...runs fine without. The only reason I tried it without was when I went to an Arrow full system. The O2 wiring wasn't long enough to reach the new bung location. So I ran it without.

What you are supposed to do when you unhook it is disconnect your battery for a while to let the ECU lose it's current map. With the battery unhooked turn on the ignition to drain any left over current in the system. That will supposedly reset your ECU. That way it'll run on a 'default' map when it can't find your O2 reading upon starting it up without the sensor in the loop.

When I pulled mine it ran funny for the first couple minutes. It didn't surge at all with the O2 hooked up but surged some at first with it unhooked. After I ran it for a while it went away and ran fine the rest of the time. I ran it that way, with no problems, for a few months.

I sold off the system (because I'm selling the bike) and put the stock stuff back on....including the O2 sensor. And it runs fine as always.

Lots of folks have had trouble with them.........luckily I haven't.
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