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number of the beast

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My engine/frame number ends with 666, is that a standard number and lots of monsters have it or am I the lucky one with the 'number of the beast'! :D
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When i worked at a H*rley daelership in NC, we had a Nighttrain (the all black one) with the last of the VIN as 666. It had crate damage when new, was wrecked with 666 miles on it :eek:, and the owner went through a nasty divorce (because of the bike) where she actually cut the drive belt on the bike. I'm not making this up, that bike was cursed. Have fun
Nice.......... I have to remember the drive belt trick ;)
You know what they say.... Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer ;D
I have 668... the neighbor of the beast
good one Reckless_Kelly!! I was feelin lucky about it till I raed ya post! :)
Just curious. Is it named Christine by chance [smiley=evil.gif]
does the Holy RC Church also do a blessing of the fleet for MC's?....

sprinkle it with holy water and see if it sizzles...well see if anything sizzles aside from the wire harness that is...that's to be expected <laughing>
Ya know when you gas up you set your trip meter to zero. When I wrecked my last monster and totalled it, the trip meter read 66.6 No Bulls**t! "Does he wear the mark? Can you see it?" AHHHH!!! [smiley=dead.gif]
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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