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Now on to the right side...

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The left side of the engine cleaned up nicely with the removal of the sidestand switch wire (jumped the wires where they entered the bundle) and the airbox drain hose (shortened to the lower grommet).

The right side is mostly marred by the starter cable and the oil temp pickup wire.
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There was one guy who fabricated one with larger gauge wire, he had an older Duc that was suffering from hard/non starting due to corrosion of the lower terminal. As I recall, he said the starter motor really ripped with the bigger wire.

Assuming you're going to hide the starter solenoid/relay in the same fell swoop...

I managed to clean up the wiring on the right side of my S4 pretty well, had to lengthen the oil pressure wire and the brake switch wires. I've still got so much plumbing that the starter wire isn't very offensive :p
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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