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not so good

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I know this is long but....to preface, this actually happened three weeks ago, and I own an
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Sorry to hear about your troubles. Many of us have ridden our Monsters for years with no problems at all.

I was going to ask why you didn't pull in the clutch when the rear wheel locked, but that wouldn't have helped in your case, would it?

I've only had one experience with locking a rear wheel at speed. That was when I had a DT-175 I had recently rebuilt and the engine seized as I was getting off of the freeway. It probably only took me about 0.25 second to get the clutch in, but it sure seemed like a long time before the rear tire was rolling again. After it cooled down, that bike started and ran just fine for many months until I sold it.

Hopefully, once your bike is all fixed, you'll get over this and once more love your Monster.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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