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Well the first Sportbike Northwest went off quite well for the first year. Lots of good riding and great weather in that area. There was a great group of Ducati riders and many other people. I will be going again next year.

They had a great poker ride hitting all the major twisties and great views. A good run up the Marry Hill Loop Road ok, I had to run up it twice. It is a closed road with great set of twisties with no speed limit ;D The road was open just for the event. It was really tight I think I may have shifted into third on one section.

They had a beer garden and very good speakers covering many topics. Not to mention the food was quite good for such a large group. The riding around St Helens and Rainer is awsome.

I hope to see some people from this list there next year [smiley=waytogo.gif]

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