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Just got back from a lil trip up north.

Here is a lil teaser pic (I be tired....i'll post a story and more pics tomorrow)

This is Jim.... he is the official DML lumberjack.

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ok...here goes.

Friday: Left work a lil early, loaded up 400lbs of bike, and 9000lbs of gear into the truck. (ok...75lbs of gear), picked up lilysmama, and we're off to Hanford. Hanford.....why the hell would you go there you ask..... well...thats were country western recording artists, Brooks and Dunn are performing. Good concert...good company...good god it was cold. (note to self....always check to see if venue is outdoors)

Saturday: Pulled the bike off the truck, piled on the gear, slipped in to some leather, and I'm off.

First leg destination is pt33's place in San Carlos. 200 miles, aprox 3 1/2 hours.
hwy 198 to I5 (bugs......lots of bugs)
I5 to hwy 152 (wind......lots of wind, so much so... the west side of the road is lined with tomato's that have blown off the tops of the tomato trucks.
Hwy 152 to Hwy 101 (traffic...lot of traffic. Lane splitting with saddle bags the size of Oprah, is ill advised)
I reach my first destination....intact, and ticketless. Yeah for me!
pt33 (Kaveh, is an enabler).....an hour off the bike.... and this is what we end up doing...

The San Carlos Art and Wine festival has been officially hoolinganized. ;D

Sunday: Gear up.... and head over to Alice's for breakfast.

Kaveh is so happy to be at Alice's...he decided to do the "macarena"
After Breakfast....a quick twisty ride to LDD.

(note the Tom Cruise support van in the background)


more yummier

check out that headlight ;)


After a few hours of parking lot duty... I was free to wander....well...actually, I crashed at the DML tent (the only tent w/beer) Talked with Kurt for a lil bit (new leg is cool... and not only is it made with cf...it's also made w/chick magnets.) Kaveh and I left as folks were packing up, and went on a lil twisty trip through the backroads to San Jose for a real Philly cheese steak sammich.

Monday: Gear up, and head out for Arcata. (thank you Kaveh for putting me up, and putting up with me)
Hwy 101 all the way baby! (well kinda ;)) 305 miles aprox 6 hours.

no tolls heading north...weeeeeeee


this is how nice the 101 gets [thumbsup]

stretching legs at Confusion Hill. http://www.confusionhill.com/

look...a giant wooden hand..what could it possibly be pointing to?

what else.... a giant wooden panda ;D

101 travel tips.
Deer...watch out for deer, and as I later learned... bears too.
Do not pick up hitchhikers. The kids up north, make the Manson Family look like the Brady's.
There is lots of road-work going on. Sections of fresh asphalt....but when they tear it up to repave it...they tear up all the lanes, and that machine that chews the grooves into the ground prior to laying fresh product....was driven by a drunk. The grooves were so deep and so wavy...it was like riding in sand, :mad:

more to follow ;)

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Still Monday:

Lots of CHP on the road. I told myself that I was gonna be good and not speed. (I did break a few laws...but for the most part, I was good) I reach Humboldt at about 5:30pm and meet my son in the parking lot. Chain the bike to the bike rack (just like in grade school), and haul all the gear up 4 flights of stairs. (every year, my son bitches about having to haul all his crap up and down stairs when he moves into and out of the dorms..... this is his 3rd year there, maybe next year he'll get it. ;D) We then walk into Arcata and have a lil dinner. Then it's back to the dorms for a movie (Thanks Kaveh [thumbsup]) (we watched Office Space) Then I borrowed my sons lap-top and scanned the net for Cycle Gear stores in the Redding area. (my cheap-ass Dunlops were wearing thin)

Tuesday: Up early (earlier than I wanted to be ;))
Hugged my son....and said goodbye.

always the smart-ass (note ucla shirt ;), just to tweek the professors)

Do these bags make my ass look big?

Hwy 299 to Redding. 2 1/2 hours aprox 145 miles.

This pic was taken atop one of the many hills on hwy 299. I had to stop and clean myself up. Let me explain. On many sections of the 299 there are passing lanes, and on many of the passing lanes, there are signs that say.... "keep right, unless passing". The first one I see, I think to myself..."ok", and move over into the slow lane(I'm heading up-hill). No sooner than I do that, I get hit in the face shield with the mother of all goo bugs. The very second I reach up to wipe some of the goop off, a car flies past me (heading downhill), in the lane I was just in moments ago. Not wanting to ride the next two hours in soiled leathers...I decided it best to mentally **** myself. What you don't see in that pic, is the Caltrans guy I hugged for putting that sigh up.
The 299 is a coooooold ride. I stopped in Weaverville to warm up, gas up, and eat up. Yummy homestyle breakfast.

Trinity river. You see lots of guys panning for gold in the summer.

Whiskeytown lake.

I hit Redding late in the afternoon. First stop...Cycle Gear. I needed a rear tire really bad. I had been riding on a slick the past 200 miles :eek:
Special thanks goes out the the manager for loaning me a stand and a tool, to take my rear tire off. (they sell and mount them, but don't remove them :-\)
Two blocks away.... my beloved motel 6. (I've stayed there at least 10 times over the years :D).
I unload bike gear and head off to find my daughter.

Her first ever bike ride. I discovered something sneakey. Taking a moody teenager on a motorcycle ride, is one way to get them to hug you. Also..... auto theft must be low in Redding, we drove through 2 shopping mall parking lots trying to set off car alarms. Not one :(.
Dinner and a chat...then it's back to the room for some sleep.

Wednesday: I woke up looking at this

I'm sick of putting it on and taking it off the bike.... I'm tired of wearing leather..... my ass hurts...my back hurts... I have an ear-ache....I miss lilysmama....I even miss Bob.

I wanna be home.

I pack the mule one more time. I meet my daughter and her boyfriend for breakfast. Then I hit the road again.

The plan was to stop in Sacramento, ride with Grio and CromoMann, drink Grios alcohol, and crash there for the night...... when I got to Sac, My ass said " stop and I will kill you". I kept going.

Redding to Bakersfield. I5 to hwy 99. 450 miles aprox 7hours.

Things I learned.
The monster is not a comfy touring bike.... it will do it...but it aint fun.
Obey all posted signs....it may save yer bacon.
Dunlops suck
Frank Thomas expandable saddle bags rock, and are quite the bargain [thumbsup]
There is a tool kit on the bike for a reason.
Harley guys up north will do the wave....down south... not so much.
6 hours on a bike will make you want to punch a Jack-n-the box employee with he asks, "for here, or to go"?
Hug the ones you love..... cuz bugs and bears can take you away from them at anytime.

bobspapa-11tyb CHP- 0 [thumbsup]


LDD, seeing the kids, wooden pandas and heading home early to get laid. What could be better? Cool report man. [thumbsup]

:angel: duc

Looks like you had some more fun >:D

I had a check the shorts moment when I went on my mini-Cali tour. I was going to my friends house in the sierras about an hour north of Truckee around 8pm when I came to a narrow wooded area of the road. I was thinking to myself I should slow down to about 25mph or so in case of Bambi and his friends decided to talk a walk. About 1-3 min later 2 deers come running across the road :eek: About a half mile later there was one of those deer crossing signs and I thought to myself, no **** there's deer out here.

P.S. you left this at my house :eek: :-X


Hey, I just offered a place to crash, what the man brings with him I have no control over ??? [cheeky]

Besides, if it sounds like fun you should have come! You had an invitation to stay at casa de pt33 as well.

But don't worry, I'm sure I'll be seeing you this winter when you come up to Tahoe with Derby ;D Did you know about that? oh yeah, your going to Tahoe this winter >:D

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pt33 said:
Hey, I just offered a place to crash, what the man brings with him I have no control over ??? [cheeky]

Besides, if it sounds like fun you should have come! You had an invitation to stay at casa de pt33 as well.

But don't worry, I'm sure I'll be seeing you this winter when you come up to Tahoe with Derby ;D Did you know about that? oh yeah, your going to Tahoe this winter >:D
Sorry, bike is not in traveling condition :( I think it would have been tons of fun to come up for LDD.

Since all my family is in Tahoe I have no problem going there. I told Derby last year I might as well go to Tahoe if I was going to go to Mammoth. the I broke my ankle and didn't get to go anyway. So this year Mammoth and Tahoe!

I'm actually headed up there on the 20th for my cousin's wedding.

Here is a pic of Joel getting ready to leave the Bay Area. [thumbsup]
Good times, thanks for stoping by and coming to LDD (the other SoCalers are slackers [cheeky] )

When I went on my little mini trip I was first amazed by how much more stuff that I was able to pack on my monster than I thought I was able to.

The last thing I remember from my trip is how stoked I was to ride my monster again without all that stuff on it!

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My sons friend had hit a good sized bear two days earlier, while on the 101. I saw his car in the parking lot, it looked like Smokey had decided to sit on his hood.
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