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No start - '05 S2R 800 - what is this wire? HELP!

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Hey guys, I bought this bike 3 weeks ago and it has been running fine. I went out to ride last night and the damn thing wont start! As I was troubleshooting - checking for spark - I found this wiring harness - stripped and bare. Does anyone know what this is? Was my bike jacked with?
Here is the no start situation:

1. Insert black key
2. Guages sweep
3. Fuel pump primes itself
4. Engine cranks over
5. Does not start. Starter just cranks over and over.
6. Checked for spark. no spark



Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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That wiring setup is not stock. Did you buy your bike new or used? Based on the rubber plugs at the crimp, I would say that those wire were once part of an AMP plug, and someone took it apart trying to jerry rig something. Can you trace back the wire and see where it is coming from? It could be the throttle position sensor. I know that it is located in that area.
Might sound a little obvious but you have checked your fuses already?
all fuses were good. I dont know or understand the "immobilizer" function too much. What I do know, is that the yellow LED is blinking with the key out.

I will trace this wire and get back to this thread.
Ok I went out and looked again. The tie strap is cut. After pulling on a few wires. I found that the sensor that goes into the engine case has a cable running through the front and back to these exposed wires.

What is this sensor? I have the wiring diagram but I got to figure out how to put this back together.


I'm pretty sure that's your nuetral sensor. Bike won't start unless it's in nuetral so if that wire was faulty, bile won't start...
checked the pdf file that shows parts, it's part of the alternator. I THINK....

here's the page.
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No, the neutral switch comes into the transmission from the rear.

I think that's the crank position sensor.

This let's the ignition system know when to fire the spark plugs based on the position of the crankshaft.

Without this hooked up, you get no spark.
Yep. I did a TON of research on this.

First of all, somebody freakin' yanked this wire while the bike was sitting in my carport sometime last week. It pulled the connectors out and everything. Whoever did it, stuffed the timing sensor's cable back into the frame so it couldnt be seen. Thankfully everything is still there. :police:

I went to the wiring diagram which shows colored wires. ONLY on this sensor are two wires labeled : SC.1A and SC.1B.

Thanks Ducati for the confusion!! Every other wire is labeled with a COLOR... WTF?????

Looks like SC.1B is the positive wire and positive is usually white. Right?

Well I stuck the connectors on the sensor's connector w/o the wiring harness and took a deep breath. It started right up! Now I just have to get it all pretty again...

Thanks everyone for the help.

Taking autoshop in high school pays off AGAIN! Best class I have ever taken. [thumbsup]
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May I suggest an alarm system for your garage, or perhaps a pitbull with sharp teeth and a deep bark [thumbsup] DCR
that sucks someone vandalized it - that was my first guess.

cool that you figured it out [thumbsup]

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