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No or Intermittant Juice

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:pMy 97 M900 just started doing something that's annoying. Most of the time, when I turn the key on I get nothing. . . no lights, just nothing. I turn the ignition on and off a couple of times and it will come to life, start and run fine. On occasion it will also lose electrical power on the road and die. Again, I'll fiddle with the ignition switch and it will come to life. I initially thought it might be the ignition switch, but I'm now thinking it's something else. I've checked all the connections along the wiring harness, around the battery, the fuse box, etc, etc. Today it seems to be alive, but who knows when it will act up again. Has anyone had a similar problem or heard of someone with the same problem? Whatzup!
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Thanks for the info. I'll check out the ground wire (battery ground-right?) and I'll also keep the relay in the back of my mind as a possible fix.
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