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Dear All,
Bike is a M1100 2009 and what I want to do is;
have a single exhaust muffler - how it gets fitted is not the issue (but there would be a bespoke 2 into 1 mid pipe then into the single muffler).
Hardware wise then the mufflers, mid section with the flapper valve and under seat flapper motor are just taken out.
The issue I think from then on (for me anyway) would be the electronics.
So how do I get the motor to 'get with my program' so to speak. Presumably I can use the DP ECU (assuming I can buy it seperately) from the 'racing termis' kit to take out the flapper valve effect and correct the display check light from the flapper motor being disconnected?
Fueling wise I'd use a Power Commander to tune in the setup.

I think the answer to my question might be dotted around the forum but I'm having a problem trying to pull them all together. Anyway I'd appreciate any thoughts you might have.
Andrew in the UK.

PS I did just the above on my previous bike a Honda 900F2 (2002) '919' using a TwoBros single pipe/muffler and a Power Commander. But it was much simpler since there wasn't a cat or a flapper valve in the exhaust chain.
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