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No. 5 is Alive

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So, yesterday I experienced my first dead battery after leaving my parking lights on all day, rode her home after a jump start trying to charge the battery , parked on the street and I think everything is cool.

Fire her up this morning, starter engages, bike starts, riding around and everything is cool, except when I try to turn the bike off!!

The bike will not stop running! Kill switch, no good. Turning key to the off position, no good. I can hear the starter continually whirring in these two positions. I think the bike is off and wham, the starter engages by itself, lurches the bike forward and I hang on and get her to settle down by engaging the clutch. Finally, I put the kick stand down and she shuts down.

What is going on here?
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You made her mad by leaving the parking lights on all day!! Didn't someone have a similar problem, a while back, with thier starter? Or was that just the starter kept running , but the bike didn't start on it's own?
At least the safety switch on the kickstand worked!!Let us know when you find out what the problem is??? and be careful, don't go lurching out into traffic!!!
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