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Mastashake57 said:
1.) When shifting from N to 1, I get a significant *thunk* from the bike. Is that normal? Granted, I'm comparing it to the motorcycle I used in my MSF class, which wasn't as prominent as my Ducat is.

2.) I bought the motorcycle used at around 12,100 miles. What maintenance am I look forward to in the near future?
Heya - and welcome. I stared on a 620, and just got a 900. 620 was a great 1st bike for me. I hope you have the same experiences

1) Pretty normal to get a *thunk* With a wet clutch, even when you have the clutch lever 100% pulled, there is still a small bit of engine power transferred down teh drive line. This is just due to the drag of the oil and 100% normal. That Little bit of power tranfer causes stuff to move a bit when you drop it in gear- result *thunk*

2) The 12K service has been done - right? If not, it needs to go in for that sooner rather than later... and that's going to cost a few hundy. It it has been, the next major service is at 18k. Between those times, it's just routine stuff like oil changes, chain clean/lube etc.
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