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Next Ride for Arizona Superbike!!! Sat Nov 18

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When: Saturday, November 18th
Meet up: At Arizona Superbike. 3245 N. Arizona Ave., Chandler, AZ 85225
Time: 9am
Departure: 10am
Return: Approx 3pm
Destination: Strawberry, AZ

Were taking 87 all the way to Strawberry and back. It is 100 miles each way with nothing but great views and great riding. It will be a little cool up there, so make sure you bring a good winter riding jacket. Make sure you have a full gas tank when you arrive at Arizona Superbike. There will not be any stops between here and Strawberry. We will have some BBQ for you when you come back to the shop, so no need to break for a big lunch.

I'll see you all on the 18th. Invite your friends to join us as well.

Craig Blazevich
Arizona Superbike
Ride Club Organizer

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I am planning on joining in on this one [thumbsup], but I am on call for work on that day. :-\ If I get called, I will have to bail out.
I am 90% in on this ride also. I need to get back out there and ride.
Would love to make this! Maybe we should organize play dates for the kids that coincide with the rides! At least until they're big enough to reach the pegs! ;)
SheMonster said:
I am planning on joining in on this one [thumbsup], but I am on call for work on that day. :-\ If I get called, I will have to bail out.
Maureen, my wife (Tegan) will most likely make this ride (it'll be my turn to watch the kids) so you may get to meet her if you go.
So who is going? Anyone want to meet up at US Egg before hand. Best breakfast palce there is. In Old Town Scottsdale so for some people kinda onthe way.
I am thinking about going, but I have heard that they are chip sealing the Beeline Hwy, especially where there are those long high speed sweepers. :(
It's the Michigan vs. OSU game Saturday. I'll be watching the game

GO BLUE!!!!!
So... where was everyone? I showed up and had a pretty good time.

Yesterday's ride seemed pretty well organized. We all arrived at AZSBK between 9 an 10 in the morning. (A pot of coffee or some juice would have been nice. :( ) Everyone had to sign a waiver and give an emergency contact number. They laid down some ground rules: don't pass on the right, single file in the twisties, excercise caution always, etc... We left in two groups: the fast group and the not as fast group (I've got a 620... so you can figure that one out). Each group had a dedicated leader and sweeper. They took a head count at each stop to make sure everyone was accounted for. There was also a truck and trailer following... just in case.

The ride was nice. Arizona is beautiful. I didn't go all the way to Strawberry. At the first stop (a rest area at 87 and 188) some of us decided to split and take the 188 back thought Miami/Globe and back to AZSBK. The weather was fantastic. The comaraderie was great. Everyone in the group I was riding in showed pretty good road manners. It was nice to meet roaddog and his ol' lady ;)

The only downside that I'd like to comment on is the average speed that everyone was going. Even the riders in the not as fast group were pushing triple digits most of the time. Every once in a while... sure. But sustaining that rate for an hour at time just isn't fun for me. And, I had no idea where I was so I felt as though I needed to keep up. My 620 will max out at 125 mph and as soon as my engine temp reached 300 I started getting a little frustrated (and I don't think I was the only one). Perhaps a printed map of the route should have been handed out at AZSBK before we all left.

I think I like smaller rides better.
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Rule, I don't think that is the typical rate of speed for those rides... At least the one I was on broke into several smaller groups that maintained more sane speeds most of the time. I will try and make the next one for sure, just too much going on this weekend to make it. Agreed on the great comaraderie and think the big groups are fun every once in a while.
Good to hear that they are learning from past experience. The two seperate groups and chase vehicle are a really good idea for the size of turnout that these rides bring. I would have gone but I wanted to go to the demo ride. I rode and MV Agusta Brutale so I feel that it was worth it to stay in town.
Well, the turnout wasn't as large as usual, so it did cause people to have to keep up, they have had maps in the past, but I think they felt that with the 2 groups it would not be neccessary... We werent supposed to split up, I think that caused an issue... lol... but all in all the wife and I had a good time... would of liked to do the demo day, but even though I commute on my bike, my wife doesn't get that many chances to ride so a ride will always come first... lol... and Rule.. nice meeting you, you are a funny, funny guy, you had me cracking up back at AZSBK [laugh] [laugh] [laugh]
Good to hear everything went well. The last AZSBK ride I went on someone crashed, so it is always good to hear that did not happen.

I posted to see where everyone was going and no replys so I stayed in town as well. I rode a Bonneville. Just a slight bit different than the Monster. ;D
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