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Hi my name is Jordan and I live in Greece.
Congrats on a great forum.
Recently I got hit by a 4x4 and I now have a broken leg ,a messed up bike and a lengthy court case with the guy that hit me,which means I have to fix the bike out of my own pocket!!(In Greece things happen slowly!!!)I have managed to get most of the parts from ebay and other sources but I am desperatly looking for a radiator.Does anyone have on for sale?I know that the S4 radiator is the same,has anyone maybe changed theirs for a racing one?I would greatly appreciate any help.
Thanks alot

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Hi Jordan,

Sorry to hear about your mishap. I have an extra radiator. The left tank is dented a little on the side, but I think your alum side guards will cover most of the ding up. My CF covers do. Otherwise, it looks very good, fins are straight, that sort of thing. It is black, of course. Send me an instant message, if you're interested.


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Thanks to all for your wishes and your help.
I have another 2 months before i can start to stand on my broken leg.keeping my self busy fixing in the mean time.
Thanks again
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