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Newbie question on changing out rearsets

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This is my first Ducati, although I have had various other bikes over the years. Could someone tell me what is the advantage of changing out the stock rearsets for aftermarket? My 2002, which I just recently got, has a set of DP rearsets. I actually like the stock look better, because it has the rearset assembly (frame) that I think complements the actual frame of the bike. My DP rearsets, of course, do not use the rearset assembly or frame, but instead mount directly. Is it a relatively easy matter to go back to stock? Would it be stupid to do so? Do the stock rearsets give you the same position as the aftermarket ones, and are they adjustable? Thanks.
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Hey Jim, welcome.

There are many many different reasons to change out the rear-sets

ranging from bling to position change to increased ground clearance.

It is relatively simple to change back to stock as there are several individuals here that probably have stock rear-sets lying around in the garage.

I can't tell you if the DP sets are in the stock location

You should be able to determine adjustability by looking at them or taking them off and apart if you are inclined.

My opinion, if they are comfortable, I would keep the DP bling as I think the stockers are a wee bit ugly.
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1. YES



4. STOCK HAVE NO adjustment.


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