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I have been reading posts here for a few months now and feel it was time to join. Always wanted a Ducati and tried to get one last year, but unfortunately it was not my time. I decided to try again and was a lucking lucking man. I bought my first Ducati 97 750 monster about four months ago. It was a blast, but going back to the dealer regularly I kept looking at the other bikes. Two months later I wanted more, so I did a bit of test riding.

First was a 02 S4 monster - love the power and torque

Second was a 03 1000 monster - good power and torque

Third was a 03 749 - good power and torque, great in turns

Well the S4 won my heart and so I traded the 750 in and took the S4 home. Unfortunately, I had problems with leaking battery and rear shock. Luckily both have been fixed under warranty.

Finally the Question - The rear Shock was replaced with a stock new one. The guy said I should put 600 miles on it before I start to ajust it. Does this sound correct?

that's nonsense. dialing in your suspension's one of the very first things you should do with your bike! with the suspension set properly for your riding style and body weight, you'll have a better idea of what else (if anything) you'll want to do to your bike.
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