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B and I kicked it at North Beach NYE.
It was a cool spot, free drinks for $25 and I got drizzed ;)
Threw up in someone's drink and walked away like nothing happen. Usually don't go anywhere on NYE, nor get drizzed that bad to be stumbling but it was all good. What you cats end up doing?

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Did the usual party at my house. With me being on call and most of my friends work with me and they're on call too, we usually just hang at my house and drink it up. I didn't get as drunk as I wanted seeing it will probably be my last new years for a while that I could get wasted. I ate too much so I couldn't drink as much as I wanted. I have a problem over serving food when I host parties. it was fun though. We played cards while the girls hung in the living room. The positive was I was the bigger winner at cards. Walked away $22 ahead...lol. Takes a while to win big in .25 poker.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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