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New, Used or, Rebuild?

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Here is my present situation. My 2002 620ie Dark (4100 miles) was recently knocked over while parked by a careless driver who was nice enough to leave a note with their name and phone number. Bottom line the bike has been "totalled" and I have the following options.

(1) Take the money and run. $4900 check from the insurance company and never see my bike again. Find a used monster or (can I say this here?) a 600cc cratch rocket. CBR or R6.

(2) Buy my baby back from the insurance company for $2000 and have $2900 left over to repair the dented tank, buy new (ie aftermarket) pipes, a clutch lever and the other odds and ends to make her funtional and pretty again. Maybe with some cash left over? I can do all the part replacing but will nead to have the tank fixed professionally (approx $500 or so?)

(3) Same as option two but bring it back to stock, sell it, and buy something used. (as in option 1). Maybe end up a little more on top then option 1.

(4) The dealer who did the estimate wants my bike and $2900 for a new 2003 620 Dark. Basically I would end up with no cash but a brand new bike.

Tell me what you all think, I'm presently leaning towards the "new" option, but with $2900 and a little wrenching I think I could end up with a pretty sweet little 620. I'm open to any other ideas anyone comes up with and in the back of my mind I would like something a little quicker then the 620. Thanks so much for your input. Cheers.

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I'm normally a "rebuild it" kinda guy, but used bikes are so cheap now, I'd probably sell it and buy a similarly priced used bike. (Unless you have an emotional attachment to the bike)

I recently saw a '01 M900S for $4900. Between the power and suspension upgrades, and the better resale value of a 900, I think you'd be ahead even if the bike is a year older than your M620.

I think #3 is a no win situation. You'll put a lot of work into the bike, have no working ride for a while, and be lucky if you break even.

Option #4 doesn't sound too bad if you wanted a new bike, or was even thinking about selling it. Kinda the same outcome for you as #3, except that you'd be selling a new bike and not a crashed and rebuilt 2 year old bike.

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