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JohnnyDucati66 said:
If I didn't own a Duc, Triumph is second on the list.

Here is a pic of Dayton 675 SE with 11 miles on it. My buddy just bought it and asked me to store it my garage.

I had the honor of driving it home for him, since he was indisposed at the time.

Oh! Temptation is thy Evil Name. I kept it under 6000 RPm to honor his break in period. It was soooooo damn hard!! :mad:

It is a sweet, wicked machine.

I'm looking forward to riding with my bud once he's ready (and getting this damn tempter out of my garage!).

As far as i'm concerned, Triumph's got cred!


I love that color (colour) scheme. Reminds me of the JPS colors.
Verrr nice that you get to store it in your garage.

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very nice !

I might have to powder coat my wheels when I do my rear-set and pass. pegs black. Probably going to paint the bike black too... the yellow is a bit bling for me
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