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New to the family....

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Well here she is...

'99 monster city with 5k miles. I am picking it up this sunday.... It already has the arrow exhaust and a k&n filter, but the owner said that it needs a jet kit. It also has the painted front windscreen and rear cowl. thoughts?
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I love the city blue..... [thumbsup]


beers to the right, hookers to the left


welcome, it's nice to see another blue one...

By the way, there were some standard M900ie's made in blue, I have one of fifty from 02 [clap]

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cool man nice bike!

It amazes me that you can still find these 6-7 year old Monsters with 5K or less on them out there... i've had mine since march and have put 4200 miles on and counting...
Nice blue. Nice carbon cans. Looks like a good starting point.
nice lookin' ride! [thumbsup]

make sure to get the jetting done pretty soon, as you don't want to be running around really lean if you don't have to.
"Hello there, little Blue Duc. My, what a large tail you have."

Congrats on a clean looking bike. Let the modding begin! >:D
Congrats [clap] [clap]. Now we need some doughnuts and tequila patron preferably.

That's a nice looking bike. I don't think I've ever seen that colour on a Monster in person.
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