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Hello Duc enthusiasts.

My name is Rich and I live in Princeton NJ. I am a large contributor to www.tristatetuners.com and I own a turbocharged del sol and a 3000gt vr4.

I am selling the vr4 this week to pick up a 07 695 off a member on here who lives in my area. I also plan on selling the del sol to pick up an 01 audi a4. I tired of the whole tuner scene and Id rather have a comfortable daily driver and a ducati for those 7 am saturday morning rides through the country.

I was attacted to ducati when I first saw the monster 696.. for awhile the bike was all I could think about. I was really ready to just finance one. I realized I just cant have three projects since I never drive the vr4 as it is.

I saw my friend alex's 695 and fell in love. I feel its a little more masculine then the 696 and I love the fact that it has regular analog gauges.

This is going to be my second bike, and I learned the basics on an old kawasaki 250CC. I am open to all advice and I joined the forum to learn as much as I can. So if anyone has advice please send it my way!


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