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Gday all from australia,
Im new to this forum(new to any forum)! I need some help in deciding wether to sell my 916 superbike & buy a S4R. I had a 98 900s monster a couple years back then bought a superbike. the 916 is really cool at the track but its a bit hard to handle in the assie alps!(proberbly the best roads here). I would like a bike that is fun for both of my riding styles, & thought the S4R would be a good bike for both. If any one has a S4R, is the power much better than the 916? surly it has to be! are they ok at high speeds? Am I crazy to get off my 916? ???
thanks heaps

Welcome Dan! ;D

I don't have an S4R; however, I do have a tuned S4. When I bought the S4, I bought it for the same reasons you describe - my 748 was a near perfect track bike but less than fun on the street. Anyway, to make a long story short, I sold the 748 and never looked back - the S4's performance fits me perfectly............and when it gets tired, I suspect I'll replace it with an S4R.

As far as speed goes, 150MPH (+/-) is the top speed most people see indicated at the track.

Go for it!
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