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New picture posting FAQs

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It seems like this has been giving folks trouble for a while, so I wrote up a couple of FAQs on the subject:

Posting a photo and
Adding a photo to your message

There are even nice step-by-step pictures. Enjoy.
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you need to resize your picture... use a graphix program like Photoshop or CorelDRAW to modify it. Find out the size of the other banners (R-click and click on properties) for a template.
if you use Mozilla Firebird (browser), you can R-click on the photo you want to insert, then click Properties then it will show you the Location (actual URL) of the photo.


Nice job on the FAQ's.

I did not see anything about if you have your photo on a non-dml url, how to post it. More precisely, I think people need to be reminded not to post huge wide photos in their messages. I hate the exploding window problem when you have to scroll back and forth to read the posts. I have noticed some people are doing it too wide with their footer image also, and it makes the threads look messy.


... the only exception is the Ducati Babes thread... no one's complaining about photos that are too big on that one!
you should boost it up to 1600x1200
I use a laptop at home and at work. My work resolution is 1024x768, and I think my home is the same. It is not possible to make things smaller on a 11inch screen. Also, I like to have my favorites displayed along the side in IE, so my effective horiztonal viewing width is maybe 800.


... can't you hook your notebook up to an external monitor?
I could but... I don't have one. I could request one, but I don't have a lot of extra desk space. I have a SUN unix machine with a 19inch CRT screen sitting next to the laptop. Since I don't do a lot of graphics apps on the laptop, I am happy with the 11 inch LCD display. I think they are easier on the eyes too. The next desktop I get will have a LCD display rather than CRT. The unix machine doesn't have a web browser.
get a switch to change between the 2 computers - they can share the display
send a message to Michael Moore - he has to change it for you
How can I delete photos that I put up in the gallery?

you need to send a message to Michael Moore (the webmaster for the DML board) and ask him to remove it.
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