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Hey there....I got an email from DML inviting me back so here I am.

I am the original owner of a 98 M750 with only 6k miles. Rode the bike often for the first few years but I took the last 6 years off due to family and job obligations. Every spring/summer, I stare at my bike hoping to get the time and money to get it started again. This, hopefully, is the year to do so.

The bike's is all original except for mirrors. Currently, it does not run but I did buy a new battery. I have not tried starting the bike since it has not been started in a few years. I'm on a very limited budget so I'm hoping to sell some of my guitar equipment (another obsession) to help with the cost of putting the bike back on the road.

I don't post often...I'm more of a reader. So, I'm back...ready to read and ask for help/advise to get my bike back on the road.

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