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NGR Slipper Clutch

The new patented design NGR slipper clutch has a very smooth positive feel on engagement and is easily adjustable for slip. It is highly recomended for racing because of its positive engagement under hard starts.

a. Patented slipper action - rotation not sliding

b. 6 sphere/6 ramp mechanism

Sphere/ramp fitted into clutch hub column & controlled by choice of race, road or
touring preload springs
Unique anti-friction under hub control ring

c. Patented adjustable slipper action race/road/touring

Easy & quick spring change & adjustment
Race, road & touring springs supplied with clutch

d. No spider spring, no return spring failures

e. No start-off shudder

f. Uses NGR lightweight clutch basket or OEM basket

g. High quality solid billet -7000 series

h. Uses NGR special lightweight clutch pack or OEM clutch plates

i. Lightweight - 970gr (approx. 60gr less than normal slippers)

j. Long lasting & reliable as components are subject to less mechanical wear as in
normal 6 or 4 spring slipper clutches
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