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Hi Everyone,

I'm obviously new to the forum, but not new to motorcycling in general. I haven't bought a Ducati yet but have been agonizing over buying one for well over a year!!!

I've been looking at a 2001 S4 that is mint low mileage...just a beautiful bike in general. My concerns are:

1.) I've understood that the 916 engine might not take too kindly to fooling around town.
2.) That maybe an 800 or 1000 would make better sense.

I've done the Buell M2 thing which, while it was well dialed in (i.e. ran like a bat out of h*ll), around town it would vibrate your brains out. I can deal with vibration.

I've done the Buell Ulysses thing, again well dialed in, would vibrate your brains out around town, and scare the crap out of you that you were going to drop it at a redlight (i.e. read very tall saddle + coming to a stop with your feet in a dip in the road = Fred Flintstone number (No traction...fall over:embarassed:).

And finally (currently) a V-Rod that is well dialed in, new suspension, but not the most fun bike to push through the twisties). But a great ride for a bit less aggressive riding (and it will go like h*ll in a straight line).

So...I'm looking for a second bike for a bit more aggressive riding (not stupid riding) that is a confident handler with great power and even better brakes!!

Is the 900 S4 a good fit? (P.S. I'm a bit older now, I'm pretty sure I don't bounce as good as I used too). What is considered a decent price range for a nine year old bike like this?

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