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Hi all,

Came across this forum by chance. Thought the content and general atmosphere in the discussions to be both informative and friendly so joined up!

Any Melbournians on the forum?

Got an '05 S4R which I haven't been riding for the best part of the last 2 years. Looking to get it comprehensively serviced & back on the road. Looking to customise it in the process also - going to start with bar end mirrors and do the front & rear indicators.

Haven't decided what to do with the indicators yet. I'm surprising even myself by wanting to try on the LED indicator-imbedded hand guards off the Hypermotard. Has anyone got any experience with this? Does it even fit to start with?

Sounds like there'll be less options with the rear indicators. Thinking about getting billeted aluminium replacements. Or indicator-integrated LED rear light. Or both.

Not sure how I'll go finding these parts in Australia. Understandably, we're not so well-stocked with specialty motorcycle paraphernalia as in the States simply because the market is much smaller.

Anyway, just firing off a quick hello. Can't wait to get on with customising the ride!
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