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What's up everyone?
My name is Massimo and, honestly, I don't even know where to start...
I'm planning to move to Atlanta in 2-3 months from So Cal, but I've never been there (besides the airport) and I have no clue about the place...
So far I only know that my bike is gonna ride along with me, so I think I'll join the club soon, but for the rest zero.
Basically, I'm asking for your help in having as much info as possible about how expensive is living in the area. Don't need much space and I'm gonna be in need of a 1 bedroom apt (average monthly rent? Bills? Areas?).
This is it in general, I appreciate all the feed back and let me know for any questions.



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Hello! I relocated to the Atlanta area last month. Well, I bought a house in Acworth, GA...about 27 miles from Atlanta...my office is in Atlanta. Here is what I know, though if you have already moved, I'm sure it's old news.

Initially I thought about renting a townhome (I need a garage) and spent some time at http://www.rent.com. There are many areas around Atlanta that offer nice apartments and townhomes. Vinings, Buckhead, and Smyrna are a short drive from downtown Atlanta and the cost of living is reasonable.

Fuel prices are hovering around $3.30/gallon for regular. I don't have an estimate on utility prices...I haven't paid any yet.

I relocated from south-central PA, so the weather in Atlanta is much better and I've found the traffic to be much worse! I lived in Wyoming, central CA, northern VA, Ohio, WV, Italy and several other places. Drivers in the Atlanta area are some of the worst I've ever seen...simply amazing. Although, everyone I've met since moving here...and I mean every single person...has been very friendly. It doesn't matter where I go...restaurants, fuel stations, grocery stores...everywhere.

Good luck with your move!
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