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hey everyone. my name is Mo, im 21 and just found this site wich i find very interesting.

alittle about my self : I've been wrenchin on cars since I was 15. my baby is a 1987 iroc camaro. Wich I have been building for the last few years (since 06) wich has a ton of mods to it. this is before i did anything real to the engine

and this is after ( just got her running last week)

Then one of my other toys was a 2002 YZ250 that I had tons of fun with in the snow, rain, mud, clear weather, around my community/ woods.
Sorry for the bad pic bike is dirty and doesnt look to good inthe pic. even thought it was a ton better!~

I owned that bike for about a year, then sold it friday. so I can buy a 1999 monster 750 that I have my sites on.( man its sooooo pretty) I just dont have time to play around with a non street legal bike anymore since I've gone back to school, and still work 60-80 hours a week.
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